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Flickering Lamp

Flickering Lamp

A short story: Flickering Lamp

A distant dying lamp has been battling all these years to light up the dark cornered

castle. Having stood tall against the mighty winds of dubiousness which tried to blow

it off every now and then it is a matter of question today, whether coming this far with all

these resilience meant anything now?


The serene night where one loves to sleep in the bosom of moonlight seems most

cruel today .The shrill of silence deafens one like nothing else. The coldness of lonesome

bites fiercer than hounds canine. Tears refuse to roll down for there is none

left to shed anymore.


“The boatman traded every ounce of joy leaving only sorrows behind. All my senses have struck still but what is left in me is just the howl of my past against the walls of my dream.”

The lamp is dying with every passing second. It is flickering, trying its best to hold on but it winked one last time and it is nowhere to be seen anymore. “Gone is the lamp and with it the HOPE which carried me along all these years.”

The dark corner will be darkened forever with only a red flesh pumping lifelessly.


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