Poem on failures ,the world today: Broken angel

Poem on failures ,the world today: Broken angel

Everyone is expected to do something great but at every corner he/she is criticized, pulled down, taunted every time when a failures comes the way. Here a poem on failures to show how the world treats a failed person.

Every person is angel for the other but will they be with you when you are a Broken Angel. Just a poem on failures, a dark reality, the world today.


Out in the edge falling apart
Blinded shattered and broken
Stranded in the cold desolate path
Thrown into the belly of the dark demon

No one to catch,no one to fight it out
Unprotected left threatened in the open
_** **_No one to hear

Eventually shouts loud
Felt only by the presence of raven
Once bestowed with euphoria and proud
Blessed homed in the Eden

Wings out that covered the crowd
But in this fiendish world wings left broken
The blessing hands have disowned
Battered to the ground the hearts frozen
The world left it to be own its own

All alone
Out from the edge falls the broken angel!


I had written this poem on failures when I was all alone and there was no one to look forward to. Most of the people kept on reminding me of my failures where I actually needed morale support. Just realized every person is all alone when you don’t have success on your way. But the most important thing is fighting your way out and continuing fighting even though there will be people happy to see you down there. Have faith and believe that good times will come. Hope you could connect with this poem on failures the broken angel.

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