Trick questions to test your mind

Trick questions to test your mind

Do you like brain teasers and trick questions? Then check this brain teasers to see how good you are with the trick questions.

So ready for some mind twisting trick questions? Go for it and ask your friends these trick questions to twist their mind too.



1. Two boys were born on the same time, in the same day, in the same year and to the same mother? How is that possible if they are not twins?


2. A blind beggar had a sister who died. What relation was the blind beggar to the sister who died. But let me remind you “sister” is not the answer.

blind beggar, trick questions


3. A truck driver was going down a one-way street even though it was written no-entry for vehicles. Even though the traffic policemen saw but they didn’t do anything about it. Why so?


4. There was a plane crash in Korea every single person died. Two people survived. How can these two statements go together and still makes sense?


5. While reading the newspaper I found a situation of a  plane crash on the boarders of North Korea and South Korea. Now question is where do you think the survivors of the crash be buried?


6. Which is heavier- one kilogram of gold or one kilogram of silver?





1. because they were part of triplets (hence not twins)

2. The blind beggar was the brother of his sister, who died. (the gender of the beggar was not mentioned.)

3. The traffic police didn’t do anything because he wasn’t driving the truck but just walking down the footpath.

4. The two people that survived were married hence they don’t come in the category of “single”.

5. Its so simple why would the survivors be buried- they survived isn’t it?

6. Both are of the same weight, both are one kilogram so answer is neither.


I hope that this post helped you to think a little harder than usual and  you enjoyed the trick questions. Please leave behind your valuable comments below. For more such brain teasers check this link

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