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Yellow Sky

Yellow Sky

A poem about the small boys and girls living on the banks of sea who develops a fantasy about it. The yellow sky makes them merry and joyful. Theses kids living under the yellow sky dreams of  sun and water. At times they start enjoying this fantasy so much that there is no return to the real life!


His tattered clothes filled with gushing winds,

By all their means tried to halt his speed;

But the harder it tried,

swifter he ran under the yellow sky.


The soil beneath his feet took firmer shapes,

Out of their vaguely held face.

He seemed to be losing the sight of the people around him

As he leaps forward with pace.


Men and trees become like fast moving cars

And thus came a point,

When everything around him loses its identity;

But the marks beneath his feet.


Such was the joy!

That music enthralled his body and mind.

His heart pounded to the tone of muscle

And blood danced throughout his veins.


This little boy who lived on the banks of the Arabian Sea;

Loved nothing but the yellow sky.

The footmarks left on wet sand

Shall be the only thing greeting him back.


Everyday leaving everything else behind, he comes to sleep and dream in this vast stretch of sea

And imagine the reddish golden bed taking him to his eternal peace.

Yet the sun smiles upon him and bids him goodbye.


(This was his life daily life. The sun glows and makes the sky yellow, gives the sea a golden film for years yet it remains the same but the boy has become a man today.)


Today, everything looked the same to him but

His shattered clothes and scene

It flew away from his body;

While the scene dissolved  far away.


The sun was brighter than ever,

Sea was shining like never before.

Gold was stuck all around the sea

While the man looked way more happy.


Puddles were missing today

for they knew it will be left alone under the dark sky

With none to walk beside them

Especially the man or the boy!!..


The Yellow Sky remained as it  always. The kids still loved the yellow sky but no one  knows about the boy who was a man today.

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