Barun Kalita
Barun Kalita Co-founder at Thousandfeeds. Interested in technology, culture, politics, sports, history etc.

Moment when I could turn away

Moment when I could turn away

Boots were heavy, filled with rain;

Legs sore and trembling in pain.

Heart was shivering for winter was no less,

Back was arched; weight it carried was large.

Sun had settled down and winter’s night was on its way.

Gasping for breath, I recounted the day.

There I was sitting in the midst of the marsh,

Laughs and Howls, and nothing else was there.

Firm was my hold around the rifle which was cold,

Mustering up strength when there was none left

That was a moment when I could turn away,

But to my break my oath, will result all in vain

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